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Featured White Papers

The Warning Signs of Major Market Tops


Paul Desmond explains the warning signs often seen prior to major market tops. Explore the concept of market selectivity through indicators such as the Advance-Decline line, Percentage of Stock Above 30-DMA, and Percentage of Stocks at New Highs as well as Lowry's proprietary Buying Power and Selling Pressure.   Request a Free Copy


2007-2009 Bear Market: A Lowry Perspective


Major market tops develop during a process that occurs over several months, often preceded by classic warning signs. For the past 75 years, Lowry Research has excelled in identifying those warning signs and alerting clients in advance of a major decline. This White Paper highlights what Lowry Analysts were saying during the 2007-2009 bear market.   Request a Free Copy



Latest White Papers

Where Did The Buyers Go?


Investors are constantly faced with a dilemma. When the stock market is close to a recent high, investors seeking to gain exposure to the market are faced with two conflicting emotions. The first emotion is the fear of being wrong. What if the market reverses as soon as you execute your purchases? The second emotion, which is arguably just as uncomfortable as the first, is the fear of missing out on further market gains.   Request a Free Copy


Harnessing Lowry's Power Ratings For Sector Analysis


This report explores how to use Power Ratings for Sector Analysis. What the Lowry analysts have discovered is that using Power Ratings at a Sector level not only assists investment managers and analysts to identify the strongest Sectors at the time, but also provides invaluable insights as to when a Sector rotation is about to take place. - Christopher Diodato, CMT, Lowry Research   Request a Free Copy


Modern Day Improvements to the Advance-Decline Line


This paper serves to introduce a new and substantially improved way to more accurately measure the internal strength or weakness of the broad list of common stocks. These indicators also introduce new portfolio management techniques, to focus investments in the market segments showing the greatest positive breadth, while minimizing exposure to (or perhaps shorting) those market segments reflecting the greatest degree of deterioration in segment breadth.   Request a Free Copy


Impacts of Presidential Elections on the U.S. Equity Market


The goal of this report is to analyze elections and their implications on the stock market and discover if elections spark new longer term uptrends or downtrends. Our method of analysis may be considered non-traditional by some, as it places minimal importance on the presidential candidates’ personalities and political platforms. Instead, we focus on the market forces of Supply and Demand.   Request a Free Copy


How Quantitative Easing Has Affected Buyers and Sellers


This report analyzes the actual effects that the Federal Reserve’s policies of Quantitative Easing (QE) have had on the forces of supply and demand in the US equity market. It does not draw any conclusions about the efficacy of Fed policy.   Request a Free Copy


2015 Lowry Market Analysis


As anyone who has ever dealt with the stock market knows, it is easy to look back at history in retrospect and clearly see what you should have done, but it is incredibly difficult to anticipate and foresee change before it happens. Lowry Research reviews the ongoing market analysis as it occurred prior to the 2015 market top.   Request a Free Copy


Avoiding Premature Rallies Within Bear Markets


The most difficult challenges within the field of investment management always occur during bear markets. Among the most frustrating aspects of bear markets are the many false starts that frequently encourage investors to jump back into equities too soon, just in time for the next, and usually a more intense, leg downward. Even the most experienced of investment professionals will tell you that bear markets constantly tempt you to do the exact wrong thing. Thus, it is essential to find tools that will help you to effectively navigate bear markets. For the past 66 years, one of the best of those tools for navigating bear markets has been the Average Power Rating Index from Lowry Research.   Request a Free Copy


Profit Opportunities at Market Extremes


This study examines the implications for the market when the Percent of Stocks Above their 10-Day Moving Averages reaches an extreme overbought reading above 90%. Several interesting conclusions can be drawn from this study, and the results are vastly different depending upon the market's primary trend.   Request a Free Copy


Food for Thought - Lowry's Short Term Oversold Indicator Examined


The percentage of Lowry stocks trading above their 10 Day Moving Average has historically provided a good indicator of deeply oversold markets. Read how Lowry Research uses this indicator and examine a historical perspective of the indicator.   Request a Free Copy


Quantifying Short Term Market Bottoms Using 90% Days and STI


As a general rule, sustainable short term market bottoms require two elements: first, signs suggesting selling has been exhausted; second, signs of strong, sustained buying. Since the end of 2011 through the present, there have been fifteen short term market pullbacks of 3% or more as measured by the S&P 500.* Eleven of the fifteen market bottoms show a combination of 90% Up and Down Days. Mark Twain is attributed with the statement that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Like history, market bottoms are not exactly alike, but they share the same characteristic of signs that selling has likely been exhausted and that prices have been driven low enough to re-energize enthusiastic, sustained buying.   Request a Free Copy


Breathing New Life Into an Old Indicator


The Advance-Decline Line has been a very important tool in measuring the forces of Supply and Demand at work in the stock markets for more than 80 years. This White Paper explores the exceptional value of big-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap Advance-Decline Lines to provide an essential tool to determine when divergent trends are emerging.   Request a Free Copy


Market Tops: A Selective Affair


In the paper, "Market Tops: A Selective Affair", Lowry analyst Jordan Kohley provides an in-depth analysis of the progressive selectivity and deterioration that appears prior to a bull market top.   Request a Free Copy


Inside Information from a Supply vs Demand Perspective


This white paper discusses how the Lowry Analysis uses Supply and Demand to identify stocks with weakening Demand that usually serves as a solid warning to hold back on buying in such a stock and to identify stocks with strengthening Demand that serve as a tangible indication that something positive is occurring, and to begin buying shares in such a stock.   Request a Free Copy